Puzzle Prime is Fun for the Whole Family

A puzzle lover's delight

Puzzle Prime is a relatively new site dedicated to providing a wide range of quality puzzles, games, brain teasers, and optical illusions suitable for all ages and levels of proficiency. The site is the result of collaboration between a small group of math and puzzle lovers who have the following to say about why they created the site:


We have seen so many sites on the internet offering puzzles, math games and other logic quizzes and saw that many of them relied on the principle of “quantity over quality”. Many of these sites had boring or easy to solve puzzles and we wanted to change that. Puzzle Prime offers puzzles carefully selected by our team to provide a challenge to our users and that are guaranteed to be smart, unique and lots of fun.

Puzzle Prime is easy to navigate and refreshingly ad free. I headed to the Puzzles section – which offers puzzles categorized for all different levels, from easy through to expert – and elected to try out the Easy Brain Teasers… as you would. See how you go with this one:


If you can’t work it out, you’ll have to visit the Puzzle Prime site and click Solution to reveal the answer.

All good fun and a great place to pass some time while still working the old grey matter – as the site says, the better way to procrastinate.

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