Next Windows Version to Resurrect the Traditional Start Menu?

windows-8-logo-large2If you are an avid tech news reader, you’ve probably seen all the headlines – the next planned version of Windows (8.2), which has apparently been codenamed “Threshold”,  is rumored to see the return of the traditional Start Menu. Well, my friends, that’s exactly what this is at the moment, nothing more than a rumor.

The prospect of a returning Start Menu was fist mooted by Paul Thurrott on his Windows Supersite blog and then, in typical snowballing fashion, the rumor-mill jumped all over it, embellishing and retelling the story under sensationalist headlines all over the net.

I am not criticizing the original author at all, who explained the situation honestly and unambiguously. In fact, Mr. Thurrott didn’t even mention the rumored change in his original headline. Neither am I necessarily refuting his story. What gets up my nose are the followers-on who take a largely unsubstantiated rumor and transform it into something that appears to be factual.

Paul Thurrott is a well respected blogger and if he says there are grounds to suspect that Microsoft may be planning to resurrect the traditional Start Menu, then I’ve no doubt he has good reason. However, I must point out to our readers that, at this stage anyway, this is all merely conjecture. Personally, I don’t care if Microsoft chooses to bring back the Start Menu or not, I am more than happy with the Start Screen. However, based on the numbers of users complaining about the missing Start Menu in Windows 8, it would certainly appear to be the prudent course of action for Microsoft to return it. I just wonder what percentage of the complainers have actually used or even tried Windows 8.

If this rumor does actually come to fruition; what I am not comprehending is this; if Microsoft has indeed been contemplating the return of the traditional Start Menu, why choose not to do so in Windows 8.1. rather than wait a further 12 months or so? Surely if the decision has been based on placating disgruntled Windows desktop users, sooner would have been much more preferable than later?

Maybe recent changes at the top of the Microsoft tree have also seen a radical change in thinking? Whatever, it’s certainly an interesting prospect, albeit a wait and see one.

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