Move Installation Folders To A Different Drive

A relatively new portable freeware called FolderMove provides a simple/easy method for transferring installation/application folders from one drive or partition to another drive or partition.

With the price of SSDs coming down to a more reasonable level, many users will have migrated their system over from a traditional HDD to a much faster SSD. However, on a dollar per gigabyte basis, SSDs are still a fair bit more expensive than HDDs– which is why many users choose to install a lower capacity SSD as the system drive plus a larger capacity HDD on which to store personal data. My own machines are set up this exact way, with a 120 to 240 GB SSD system drive plus a secondary internal 1 TB HDD for data. This compromise still provides for a faster system drive while helping to ensure that it doesn’t fill too quickly and leave the user with very little free space to work with.

In some cases– on systems where a lot of large programs and/or games are installed, for example– it may also be helpful to move installation folders from the SSD over to the HDD. That’s where “FolderMove” comes into its own. FolderMove can also help users who have created two separate partitions on a traditional HDD: one for the system, and another for data. If the system partition is overly full, FolderMove provides a simple/easy method to move installation folders off the system partition and onto the second partition.

FolderMove Download & Usage

Download consists of a single 500 KB executable which scans 100% clean through Virus Total. Simply double-click the downloaded executable to run the software (no installation required):

As you can see from the above screenshot, using FolderMove is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Select the folder you want to move
  2. Select the destination
  3. Click the Move and set Symbolic link button

*FolderMove automatically creates a symbolic link in the original location pointing to the new location.

FolderMove – Verdict

While transferring (moving) personal data and directories over to a secondary drive/partition is a relatively simple process, moving installation folders can be a lot trickier. With FolderMove, even the most novice users can easily move installation/application folders from one drive or partition to another. FolderMove is free, lightweight, portable, and extremely easy to use… what’s not to like!

  • Read more about FolderMove on the Home product Page, including a direct download link.

NOTE: While I didn’t experience any issues while testing FolderMove, it would be advisable to create a system restore point beforehand… just in case.

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