Microsoft Security Essentials: New version 4 released

Microsoft has just released the latest version (4) of its popular anti-virus software Microsoft Security Essentials which includes new automatic remediation functionality plus overall improved performance and detection capabilities.

Not sure if the slogan on the MSE home page is new or not but I do like it:┬á “MSE – The anti-annoying, anti-expensive, anti-virus program”

As soon as this news came to hand I checked to see what version was running on my laptop. To my surprise it was version 2, so I have no idea where the intermediary version 3 got to – or even if there was one.

MSE is available in separate editions for XP (32-bit only), Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and dedicated 64-bit). New users can download from HERE – (XP users need to click on “More languages and versions” to access their download).

**Existing users will receive their upgrade to version 4 automatically via Windows Update.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Security Essentials: New version 4 released”

  1. on this page I see the following:
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    I just installed Firefox 12. I’d say this is a little behind times.

    1. We like to stay on top of things here at DCT! ­čÖé

      Actually, the related posts are generated automatically. The algorithm is generally pretty spot on, but does hic-cup from time to time. Sorry.

  2. Where could i get a full download of MSEv4. The one you give is a partial download, it needs internet connection to continue more downloads.

    1. Hi Kieran – Sorry mate, I don’t understand the question. The downloads I linked to are the FULL downloads. The “more downloads” you refer to are most likely definition updates which are necessary to ensure your definition database is up-to-date.

      Cheers… Jim

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