I Like Outlook Because….

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I currently have four email clients installed, why? Well, each has its own merits.


  • Thunderbird – because I love to customize and Tbird has lots of add-ons, extensions and themes
  • Postbox – because its slim and eager to go and I got the license for free
  • SeaMonkey – because, well because a friend was having a few problems with SeaMonkey and I installed the Browser with integrated email to try to replicate the problem and just haven’t had the time to uninstall it yet!… and
  • Outlook – the daddy of them all! Not cheap! Not Cheerful! Not very customizable but it has POWER!

Now what I am about to divulge is just one of many features that I like and as far as I know it works with most versions of Outlook. If fact why don’t you tell us about your favorite Outlook features in the comments below? If we get a good thing going then maybe we can extend it to other email clients in the future.

Back to the feature, When you are composing an email and adding the recipient’s address by typing the first letter or two of the name then clicking on the Name in the address book. This, by and large, works fine unless you have typed something a little sensitive and in your haste clicked on the WRONG recipient’s address!

Let me give you an example! I had or rather thought I had, sent an email to my wife on Valentine’s day telling her that I love her. But in my haste to send the mail, clicked on the WRONG Tina (my wife’s name), in fact the mail was sent to a work colleague! OOOPS!!!! That was a little embarrassing, especially when trying to convince my work colleague that no, I wasn’t drunk and yes, it was a genuine mistake!

Now, if you type the first couple of letters in the address field then press the CTRL key + K it will  open your address book with the names associated with the letters you typed so you can check the name and email address of the recipient.

You may think this is a bit of an overkill but the one second longer it takes to send the mail is worth it in my opinion so I can be certain the right person is going to receive the mail.

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Alan Wade

Alan is a semi-retired geek from England, who has lived in Sweden with his wife and family since 2001. His interest in computers began in the mid 1980’s with the introduction of the Commodore Vic 20 where he learned to hack game code so he could force his name to appear as the high scorer. Alan made his way through the horde of console computers in the late 80’s and early 90’s before settling on Windows with the release of Windows 3.1. He has worked in the broadband industry on both the technical and installation side. In his off time he enjoys building computers for family and friends as well as digging into the guts of the OS to customize and tweak the OS.

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