How To Use Favorites In Outlook 365

I am certain you can think of any number of reasons why you could/should use Favorites in Outlook.  What this does is move your mail folder to the top of your Folder Pane.

The folders are not changed in any way at all except where they are located. Instead of assigning your favorites to a regular folder (i.e., Sent Items, Deleted Items), you should keep Favorites just for custom folders.

To view your Favorites, you must be in Mail View in Outlook.

Favorites can be turned off if you do not use the feature and would like more space to view your mail folder list in the folder pane. Favorites, located at the top of the Folder Pane, contain shortcuts to folders you frequently use.

No folders are added or removed when you turn on or off Favorites. The only change will be whether the section appears in the Folder Pane. There is also no effect on folders in your main folder list.

In Mail, click View |  Folder Pane |  Favorites.

If you turn off Favorites and then turn it back on, the same folders appear.

Should the Favorites command be missing, you are most likely in a view known as the Folder List, instead of Mail. On your navigation bar, click Mail.

To add favorites, follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click the folder that you would like to add or remove, and click Add to Favorite Folders or Remove from Favorite Folders on the shortcut menu.


  1. Click a folder and drag it to or from the Favorite Folders list.


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  1. Jill Kathleen Chambers

    Hi Carol,
    I hope you can help. My Favorites in Outlook keep disappearing from my folder pane. I can get them back by clicking Ctrl1. I am wondering if I can pin it so that it doesn’t keep disappearing.
    Thank you

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