How To Transfer Fonts In Word

different-fontsFonts are a necessary part of any computer system, but especially systems that use word processing programs (i.e., Microsoft Word). Very often, different systems have different fonts. There could be times when one may consider transferring fonts from one system to another.

You should know that fonts are stored in files on your computer system. If you would like to transfer the fonts to a different system, you need  to transfer the font files from one system to the other.

How To Transfer Fonts

Follow the steps below to learn how:

Open Windows Explorer, drill down to C:\Windows\Fonts, and then copy the font files you want from the Fonts folder to a network drive or a flash drive. Then, on your second computer, drag the font files to your Fonts folder and Windows will automatically install them for you.

There is one caveat: Most fonts are copyrighted, and should not be transferred from system to system without taking heed of that copyright. Since most fonts will end up on a system when new software is installed or when a special font is purchased and installed, you will  want to check the original documentation that came with the software or font. It should tell you exactly whether or not you can freely transfer the font from one computer to another.

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