8 thoughts on “How To Stop UAC With Task Scheduler – Part 2”

  1. William WALLACE

    Very interesting Jim. I must have missed Part 1; do you have a link to it so that I can view it?

    Kind regards.


  2. Hi Jim. It appears that this must be done from an administrator account. When I attempt to create it from a restricted account, it tells me I don’t have sufficient privileges. If I run task scheduler with administrator privileges, I can create it, but it will only run from an administrator account. Am I missing something?

    1. Larry, which part are you refering to? Creating the task or opening the program after the task is created.

  3. Both, I guess. I can’t create the task from a restricted account unless I run Task Scheduler with administrator privileges, but then it won’t run from the restricted account. It will run only from the admin account.

    What I’d like to do is run an application that requires admin privileges, from a restricted account without having to enter the admin password every time.

  4. Good idea Dan. I was going to layout more on the task Scheduler in another and there is enough for a couple of new parts. Thanks,

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