How To Quickly Change Columns In Word

How To Change Column Layout

On the Page Layout tab of your Ribbon, Word provides a tool you can use to modify the number of columns in your document or in a text selection.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

In the Page Setup group,  click on the Columns tool.  Word shows a list of six options:

  • One. Use a single column.
  • Two. Use two equal-width columns.
  • Three. Use three equal-width columns.
  • Left. Use two columns, where the left column is narrower than the right column.
  • Right. Use two columns, where the right column is narrower than the left column.
  • More Columns. Display the Columns dialog box so you can set up the columns as you desire.

To use the Columns tool, simply select one of the options above. If you have a text selection selected before using the tool, then the choice you make will be applied only to that selected text. If you do not have text selected, the entire section in which your cursor is located is formatted using the number of columns you chose.

Easy peasy!

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