How To Migrate SeaMonkey Email To Thunderbird

I’ve been using SeaMonkey email forever, or it seems like it. I was using it when it was called Mozilla Suite. But now I keep getting an email from Gmail saying something about unsecured devices. If I disable this in my Gmail settings, SeaMonkey can no longer access my Gmail accounts.

SeaMonkey isn’t updated very much. I was wondering if an updated email client would satisfy Google. So I switched to Thunderbird. Now the problem is transferring my Seamonkey profile over to my Thunderbird profile.

What Didn’t Work

First, I tried importing directly to Thunderbird from SeaMonkey.

Right-click on the top bar and then click on Menu Bar to show the menu.

Then click on Tools, and then Import…

I selected on Import Everything and then Next.

Then SeaMonkey 2 or later and then Next.

It didn’t work.

What Did Work

So what I did was to copy the contents of my profile in SeaMonkey to the profile folder in Thunderbird.

So I went to my profile path on my system and inside the 7vwkpg24.default folder I highlighted all the files and folders. (Ctrl+A) Note: your profile folders will probably have different numbers than mine.


Then I went to the Thunderbird profile folder. There are two. So I tried what looked like the most obvious one, t0g983m6.default. It was empty. I had Thunderbird closed at this point. So then I opened it and, nothing.


There was a second folder, u6jwze2k.default-release. So I moved everything from the first to the second and when I re-opened Thunderbird all my accounts and settings were there.


At first, it didn’t seem like it was downloading any email but then it prompted for some passwords to my accounts and everything seems to work. I have also noticed that the contents of u6jwze2k.default-release have automatically been copied to the t0g983m6.default folder. Weird, but I don’t care– it’s working.

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