How To Find Organizer In Word 365

I get letters, inquiries– Where is the Organizer in Word 365? Why do they hide it from us?

Well, to be honest, it has always been difficult to find. I simply cannot answer why that is though.

If you do not know what the Organizer is, you are not alone, so this will also be helpful to you because it is a rather quick way in which to copy styles and macros from one Microsoft Word document to another.

Easy Ways To Open The Organizer

Templates and Add-ins Window

Developer tab | Document Template | Templates tab | bottom left-hand corner of the window you will find the Organizer icon, which will open the window.

How to add the Developer tab?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Word Options window either from the File menu or by clicking the far-right arrow on your QAT (Quick Access Toolbar).
    Select Customize Ribbon.
    Select the Developer tab check box on the list of Main tabs for the Ribbon.
    Click OK.
  2. Manage Styles window: Styles pane (Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S) | Manage Styles to the left of the Options button at the bottom of the Styles pane | bottom left corner of the window has  Import/Export, which will open the Organizer window.
  3. Macros window: Alt + F8 to open the Macros window, or the View | Macros | Organizer button on the right at the bottom will open your Organizer window.

You all know I am the queen of saving time and keystrokes and so you can also save time and keystrokes by assigning a keyboard shortcut to open your Organizer window, or add it as a QAT icon, or add it as a button on one of your ribbons, or my personal favorite, create your own specific ribbon for things you use all the time. It’s a real time and keystroke saver!

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