How To Convert PDF To Image Using PDFill

My uncle wanted me to send him some documents online. Without giving it much thought, I saved them as PDF files when I just wanted image files. I converted the PDFs to images before sending them. I wrote about this before using an online service. Read here: How To Convert PDF File To Image

I’m one of those people who install programs and utilities all the time and then forget that they are there. I was wondering if I had a program to do this job without going online and rediscovered PDFill PDF Tools

Just scroll down the page and download the FREE Basic Version. Then download, install, and open.

(Ed note: PDFill and GhostScript have both been run through Virus-Total and have come up clean.)

The interface is pretty straightforward with a few options. I wanted to convert a PDF to an Image, so I clicked on button number 10. Convert PDF to Images.


Then it asked me to choose my PDF. Once I did, I was then given the option to choose the image format. You can pick page numbers and resolution, but I just left everything as is including the PNG picture format and then clicked on Save As Image. This will prompt you to pick a name and folder for your image. Simple as that.


I prefer programs on my computer to online services. What’s your preference? Let us know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “How To Convert PDF To Image Using PDFill”

  1. Hi Terry. Would you be able to show us the before and after results? Also wonder why you did not select the JPG format? Thank you, Mindblower!

    1. Terry Hollett

      Sorry, it was a private document. PNG or JPG, I wasn’t fussy about the format. It was set on PNG by default so I just left it at that.

    1. Richard Pedersen

      My apologies to Terry for jumping in here.

      It can be useful when you want to send someone only a couple of pages from a PDF without letting them edit the text, or maybe you only want the images in a PDF in order to share them.

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