How To Add, Manage New Fonts In Windows 10

In earlier iterations of Windows, you had to go to your Control Panel to preview fonts, opening each one to manage them. In Windows 10 however, most of the font functions have been replaced with easier to use options.

Follow the steps below to see how:

  1. Click on Settings | Personalization | Fonts.
  2. The resulting redesigned Fonts page will display every installed font family. Not only that, there is a search box to filter the list! A three-line preview will show what each font looks like, and a line beneath the preview will display how may font faces are available to you.
  3. If you double-click a family icon, you will see the detailed metadata as well as a preview box where you can enter your own text to see what each variant (i.e., Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, etc.) looks like. You may use the slider to adjust the preview from 8 to 72 points in size.
  4. A box at the top of the Fonts page allows you to install fonts by dragging them from File Explorer. but the most interesting option is a link that will allow you to get new fonts from the Microsoft Store. This includes a section of free fonts as well.

Of course, you can still open Fonts in the old style if you choose to do so, although I don’t know why you would, by opening the Run box by depressing your Windows key + R and key in the command shell:fonts.

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1 thought on “How To Add, Manage New Fonts In Windows 10”

  1. Carol,
    What about all those weird (that I personally never use) fonts already on my system? How would I know which fonts I can delete without having a detrimental effect on some installed software? Is there a way to check out which software is using a particular font?
    I have so many fonts that I didn’t personally install. It is now difficult to fine a font I wish to use say in Word or a graphics program.

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