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  1. I recently had occasion to add a new account to my PC. All went well but I was surprised that the new account copied over a few (not all) of the desktop icons from my original (Admin) account.

    So I’m wondering what files would the new user not be able to view and what programs would the new user not be able to execute, when under the new user desktop?


  2. If you click on the Start button menu, as I did in my case, most of the programs carried over but all of your personal settings will not. For example in Opera, my browser, when I opened it in my new account, it did not include my bookmarks, saved passwords, extension or any other data from my other. It was like a clean install. It will be a similar situation with all your programs. Personal settings, saved documents, etc will not carry over to the new account.

    1. What about downloaded programs I installed in my original account: should I be able to execute them in my new account as well?
      And why did some of my desktop icons that carried over to my newly created desktop user. What was so special about them since most other desktop icons did not carry over?

      1. Most downloaded and installed programs in my case did carry over. I have two versions of Photofiltre, neither appeared in my new account and 4k downloader never carried over. Sorry, I don’t know what priorities Microsoft uses to determine what programs get to stay or leave either in the start menu or the desktop.

        For example Opera my main browser does not appear on my desktop or the taskbar but is available in the start menu. Avast secure browser and the Brave browser, which I rarely use, both appeared on my new desktop but are not on my desktop in my old account.

        1. All of my browser icons carried over for the new user…go figure?!? I had to give the new user Admin privileges to execute some of the previously downloaded programs.

  3. dan, I like to point out that sometimes when you install a program you get the option to install just for yourself or for everybody, that sometimes could determine if your program is available in your new account.

  4. How do I remove the need to use Windows 10 Login before Windows will load my computer, is there a way to bypass this as I’ve no need for it as my computer is a Home computer. Before Windows 10 you could have just press the power button and walk away and when you come back your computer is waiting for you now you have to turn on power and wait until your password/pin pops up.

      1. Press the Windows + R keys to open a Run box, then type control userpasswords2 into the Run box and click OK. Then uncheck “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. And click OK again.

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