Hey Facebook! What happened to my email?

Notice anything different today? Facebook hopes you don’t!

Facebook made a change today with no notice to its’ users. On the surface the change may seem insignificant, at least I’m sure Facebook thinks so, but the repercussions could be serious – at least seriously change the way you communicate with friends and family.

Facebook has replaced YOUR chosen contact email address with an @facebook.com address – yourprofilename@facebook.com. That’s right. Your friends and family won’t be able to send emails to your inbox by clicking the link in your info. Instead, any emails sent to the new @facebook.com account will show as notifications once you log into Facebook.

Fixing Facebook’s email change

Fortunately returning the displayed email address is relatively easy, though not incredibly intuitive.


1. Visit your Facebook page and select Edit Profile.





















2. Click Contact Information in the left column.
















3. You will see both your “old” email address and the “new” Facebook address at the top of the page. If you hover your mouse at the end of each address you will see that your old address now indicates “Hidden from profile” and the facebook.com address indicates “Shown on profile”. Simply click the button and change the entry for your email to Shown on profile and the entry for the @facebook.com address to Hidden from profile.






















4. Click Save Changes at the bottom.






















5. Celebrate your return to social notoriety!

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David Hartsock

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  1. Who sends emails by clicking a FB friend’s email link on their info page? It’s a FB friend, send a message.

  2. I had read about FB e-mail changes earlier, but was not sure how I could change settings to old contact e-mail.

    Thank you very much for providing details along with screen shots which was very helpful.

  3. Actually I am glad my real email was taken off.The security on facebook leaves a lot to be desired and I hated the fact that my real email was on my profile.
    All my really personal friends know my email and I never wanted people I didnt know that well that I had be-friended to contact me personally. Any one else feel this way or am I to paranoid?