Getting an iPhone 6? Get a Deal for Your Old iPhone NOW!

iphone-6It’s that time of year again.  With one or two new iPhones presumably being unveiled on September 9th, now is the time to lock in a deal to trade in your current iPhone if you are lucky enough to be getting one when they first come out.

Gazelle will lock in a price now and honor it as long as you send in your iPhone by October 10th.    While the release date of the iPhone 6 isn’t known yet, it will most surely be within a month of the announcement.   Gazelle will take your old iPhone off of your hands as long as it is an iPhone 4 or later model.   As of August 26th, the offering prices are:

  • iPhone 4              $ 30
  • iPhone 4S            $ 70
  • iPhone 5              $190
  • iPhone 5C            $185
  • iPhone 5S            $310

These sample prices are for 32GB Verizon phones in good condition.   Prices will vary for other configurations based on its storage capacity (8GB – 64GB) and condition.

Gazelle has three levels of condition:

  • Broken / Cracked – Doesn’t turn on, cracked screen, missing buttons, etc.
  • Good – Great working order with some minor cosmetic signs of wear.
  • Flawless – Works perfectly, no noticeable flaws, no scratches and no dust under the glass

If you are sure that you will be getting a new iPhone, now is the time to act!  The longer you wait, the lower the offer price.

Photo by Yutaka Tsutano

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  1. Note that Gazelle only operates in the U.S. I asked them some time ago if they operated here in Canada and they said no. Too bad.

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