Get Additional 15GB Free OneDrive Storage Now

Microsoft has announced a limited time offer to double its free OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) storage, from 15GB to 30GB. The offer is available to anyone with an iPhone, Android Phone, or Windows Phone from now until the end of September.


For New OneDrive Users

That’s all there is to it. The additional 15GB Camera roll bonus storage will be automatically added in to your account. NOTE: it may not take effect immediately so just keep checking back.

For Existing OneDrive Users

  • If you already have the Camera Backup option enabled, you don’t have to do anything, the 15GB extra storage will just be added automatically.
  • If you don’t have the Camera Backup option already enabled, do so and the 15GB bonus storage will then be added in.


  • This is a limited time offer, only available until 30th September.
  • According to reports from users; going back into settings and disabling the Camera Backup option after receiving the bonus storage does not affect the outcome – although I certainly take no responsibility if it turns out not to be so, caveat emptor.
  • Read the Microsoft announcement in full on the OneDrive blog here:


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Jim Hillier

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  1. I find this offer offensive. What ever happened to PC users since this is not offered to them but is offered to competitors with phones?

  2. This worked for me on my Android 4.4.2 HTC G1 phone.

    I had 25 GB free. Then I added this and now I have 40 GB of free space.

    See the screenshot:

    1) If I turn off Camera Backup, will I lose the extra 15 GB?

    2) I do not want all of the pictures uploaded to Microsoft’s servers.
    I should be able to pick and choose which ones I want to backup.
    How do I stop them from uploading?

    3) It is odd I had to use my Dropbox account to upload the screenshot, instead of the OneDrive account. I rarely use the OneDrive service. I did not see a way to upload a screenshot from my PC to the OneDrive service. Now I remember why I rarely use the OneDrive service.