Geek Facts for July 31st – PC-1 and the Moon

In 1980, 
Radio Shack introduced the TRS-80 Pocket Computer.

Manufactured by Sharp, the PC-1 featured a twenty-four character display, a QWERTY keyboard and 1.9 KB of programmable memory, all for $230.

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In 1964, NASA’s space probe Ranger 7 transmitted the first photo of the Moon’s surface ever taken by a U.S. spacecraft.

The Ranger 7 spacecraft had six cameras on board. The cameras were basically the same with differences in exposure times, fields of view, lenses, and scan rates.

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In 1971, NASA astronaut Dave Scott became the first person to drive a vehicle on the Moon.

The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) was an electric vehicle designed to operate in the low-gravity vacuum of the Moon and to be capable of traversing the lunar surface, allowing the Apollo astronauts to extend the range of their surface extravehicular activities.

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