Geek Fact for March 10th

in 1982, syzygy occurred when all nine planets (including Pluto) aligned on same side of Sun.

Additionally, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were within a 95 degree wide interval, the closest they had been in more than 800 years.

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In 1628, Marcello Malpighi was born.

Malpighi, a physician, was one of the first to apply the microscope to the study of animal and vegetable structure. His discoveries were so important that he may be considered to be the founder of microscopic anatomy.

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In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell sent the first clear telephone message into a nearby room to his assistant, Mr. Watson — “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.”

Alexander Graham Bell’s notebook entry on March 10th, 1876 described his successful experiment with the telephone.

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