Geek Fact for July 19th – It’s All About IBM

In 1988, 
International Business Machines (IBM) shipped version 4.00 of the PC-DOS operating system.

PC-DOS 4.0 had an optional text-based file manager shell (DOSSHELL) with pull-down menus called by typing the F10 key, optional mouse support, a text-based user interface and support for hard disk partitions over 32MB.

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In 1960, 
IBM debuted its IBM 1001 Data Transmission System.

The IBM 1000 Data Transmission System answered telephones and recorded messages using punch cards. It allowed you to collect information in a more timely manner. Information could be sent from any office, plant or department for the cost of a phone call.

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  1. I still have these on 5 1/4″ Floppies!! They were with my first IBM computer – a Turbo Laser with dual floppies and 512 KB of RAM that I got at Sears with my very first charge card!! I later put in a 20 MB (that’s right MB not GB) full height hard drive and upgraded the RAM to 640 KB with a 128 KB upgrade kit! I also still have all the word processor and game software (I have the CGA version of Paperboy, the Kings Quest Series, and Police Quest series) on the 5 1/4″ floppies too – a whole big disk box that I never could get rid of it. They are probably considered classics by now!