FIFA Presidential Candidates – It’s the name that matters

This has nothing to do with computers or technology but it is so bizarre, I just had to share.

fifa-featureFIFA, world football’s governing body which has been ruled for 17 years by an iron-fisted Sepp Blatter, is about to elect a new president. The organization is so steeped in corruption one can’t help but wonder how Mr. Blatter has managed to survive this long, not to mention why legal action has never been taken. Apparently, every man and his dog is aware that FIFA is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg except for those who can do something about it.

Anyway, the presidential candidates have been announced and I must admit to more than a little amusement over the names; they are:

  • Prince Ali bin al-Hussein
  • Musa Bility
  • Jerome Champagne
  • Gianni Infantino
  • Michel Platini
  • Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa
  • Tokyo Sexwale

What an odd assortment of names. ‘Musa Bility’ sounds like some sort of acquired skill, and ‘Tokyo Sexwale’? Would be a great name for an Asian porn star!. Whatever happened to plain old “George Smith”?

With the exception of Michael Platini, none are exactly household names in the world of football. Seems with corruption and bribery systemic throughout the organization, FIFA’s president is more of a political appointment than anything to do with the betterment of the sport.


In the end though, I guess almost anyone would be preferable to Sepp Blatter.


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  1. Hi Jim,

    The article/names is worth a laugh in all seriousness.
    Having been a football fan since being in nappies in the UK, then coming to Australia way back before our football hardly existed, then, as years went by, money and inter-club, inter country politics was the ‘game’ and my interest waned to almost nil.
    I still find some comedy in snippets of the sport when for instance, a ‘coloured’ UK player being interviewed doesn’t look like, but sounds like a native of Birmingham, “Yar, ‘e cooms frum Brum.”