Draw Free Form with a Pen or Highlighter in OneNote


Draw Free-Form with a Pen or Highlighter in OneNote

I bet you didn’t know you could draw free-form or write a note in OneNote! You can and more than that, it’s fairly easy to do.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Click the Draw tab.
  2. In the Pens gallery, select a pen or highlighter,
  3. Drag with a pen or mouse on your page to draw a free-form line.
  4. In the Pens gallery,just below the Pens gallery scroll bar, click the More button.
  5. Select a built-in pen.
  6. Drag on your page to draw a free-form line.

There is one caveat:

You cannot draw in OneNote if it is in Create Handwriting Only mode. To determine which mode you are in, open the Pens gallery, select Pen Mode and check which option is selected on the menu.

To draw, Create Both Handwriting and Drawings mode or Creating Drawings only mode should be selected.

Version  2007, 2010

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  1. I liked One Note, until a forced system re-install failed to recover all data despite moving data files as directed by the program. Great program but Microsoft’s convoluted filing system has now ruled it out for me. For the same reason I hate Libraries in Win 7. I am capable of organising my own files Mr.Gates.

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