DCT Tech News 2019 – Week 24

Will Star Citizen Ever Be Finished?

Star Citizen is the brainchild of Chris Roberts, the British head of Cloud Imperium Games, who began development on the game in 2011. Since then, the game has been crowdfunded to the tune of more than $250 million, the largest crowdfunding project ever. The game was originally anticipated for launch in 2014 but continuous development by over 500 Cloud Imperium employees to many aspects of the game has held back that launch date. Although you can download and play a starter pack of Star Citizen right now, the delays have fuelled speculation that the game may never be finished and that Roberts is being far too free and easy with investors’ money. The main game itself is a multiplayer space trading and combat game, with a single player element, Squadron 42 also being developed, with Hollywood stars such as Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson and Gary Oldman taking part.

Numerous articles have been written which depict the entire project as possible fraud, yet the crowdfunding continues to roll in– here’s Forbes’ latest take on the subject, The Saga Of Star Citizen. On the other hand, YouTuber, Bored Gamer released a video just today hinting that the latest patch could be a potential release candidate thus striking a very different pose to those who believe that the game will never see the light of day.

Seagate Reveals 16TB Exos And IronWolf Hard Drives

Seagate is now shipping the world’s largest hard drives at 16TB, in Exos and IronWolf versions. As files become larger for streaming services and such like, these hard drives are mainly targeted at datacenters and enterprise markets. The Exos is a helium-filled hard drive.

The Exos X16 is key in reducing total cost of ownership for enterprise system developers and cloud data centers while supporting multiple applications with varying workloads,” said Sai Varanasi, vice president of product line marketing at Seagate Technology. “The Exos X16 is the industry’s leading helium-based 16TB capacity drive. We are partnering with our cloud/enterprise customers to bring this product to the market to fulfill the pent-up exabyte demand in data centers.

The Exos X16 16TB HDD has an MSRP of USD $629 and will be available June 4.
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