DCT Giveaway: Ashampoo Photo Commander 15

[message type=”info”]The lucky winners have now been drawn, and the winning names are:

  1. Kevin Hines
  2. Alice Boni: (Unclaimed – redrawn to Joe Chavez)
  3. John Agwazim: (Unclaimed – redrawn to Dan Raymond)
  4. Chase Darnall
  5. Lewis Golden: (Unclaimed – redrawn to Eric Wells)
  6. Judy Thomas
  7. Robert Miller
  8. Dan Valentin: (Unclaimed – redrawn to Thomas Slobodzian)
  9. Valerie Schlicht: (Unclaimed – redrawn to Allan Brunner)
  10. Pat Clayton

Winners have been notified by email.

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all who entered, especially those who ‘Shared’ and/or ‘Tweeted’.


Ashampoo has kindly donated 10 licenses for its latest and greatest Photo Commander 15 software for us to giveaway to 10 lucky winners. This is the very latest Ashampoo Photo Commander (15), which hasn’t even been released just yet… official release date 17th October. So, you have the chance to be one of the very first to get their hands on this excellent photo management suite, and for absolutely free.


The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is the comprehensive solution to view, edit and organize your photos, geotagging included! Bring order to your photo library, batch-optimize multiple files at once or create and design your own calendars, greeting cards and slideshows with ease. With just a few clicks, beginners, amateurs and professionals alike will achieve stunning results.

  • A new kind of order: geotagging
  • More options, more brilliance, more comfort: The new presentation mode
  • More powerful: Over 50 new features and enhancements
  • Edit images creatively with filters and effects
  • Automatic and manual image optimization
  • Manage huge collections comfortably with extensive filtering and grouping features
  • Produce slideshows with individual music and sounds
  • Create cards, frames and vignettes
  • Create calendars, HTML albums and collages with ease
  • Convert between all common image formats
  • Control everything on one display and present it on another


If you enjoy taking and sharing photos, Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is just what the doctor ordered. This all-in-one professional photo management suite includes every feature, option and tool anyone could ever want or need. Plus, of course, thanks to Ashampoo’s always intuitive interface and built-in wizards, Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is very simple to use.

There is just so much to Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 it’s nigh on impossible to enumerate every available function and feature, suffice to say, whether you are an occasional happy snapper or dedicated hobbyist, Photo Commander 15 will perform any task you want to throw at it – from quick fixes to complex editing, creating collages, slideshows, personalized calendars and greeting cards, adding frames and annotations, managing organizing and sharing – it’s all there and then some.

So How Do You Win

We’d appreciate it if you’d take a moment and submit a comment telling us why you’d like to win Ashampoo Photo Commander 15. However, submitting a comment is not required to enter this contest and will have no bearing on your chances.

For your chance to win, simply enter your name and valid email address in the spaces provided below then click Enter Contest. After your entry is accepted you will be presented with options to share the contest on Twitter and/or Facebook. For each person that enters the contest as a result of your share you will earn 2 extra entries as a reward!

Sharing the contest on social media is completely voluntary, but encouraged.

Competition Rules:

  • To enter: simply submit your name and a valid email address.
  • You must submit a VALID email address. We need to contact the winner so disposable email addresses will not be eligible.
  • Additional entries may be earned by voluntarily sharing on Facebook and/or on Twitter.
  • Shortly after the contest ends the winner(s) will be chosen at random.
  • Winner(s) names will be posted on this giveaway page. Please check back here to see the winner(s) name announcement!
  • The winner(s) will be notified by email at the email address used to enter the contest – be sure to use a valid email that you check regularly.
  • Winner(s) must claim their license within 5 days. After the five (5) day period, unclaimed prizes will be distributed at DCT’s sole discretion.
  • Entrants agree to allow DCT to communicate with them by email using the address provided by the entrant when entering the contest.

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19 thoughts on “DCT Giveaway: Ashampoo Photo Commander 15”

  1. My old photo editor is really old and has limited capabilities, so I’d love to be able to try out a new model. At almost 90, I have 7 great-grandchildren and love getting photos of them from the parents, but some need a great deal of editing, so I’d love to get the generous give away program

  2. I have been using Fotor and it is ok as a basic photo editor. However, Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 would be a massive upgrade and would help me to both manage and edit my photos. Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  3. Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 nice and feature rich photo manager, thanks for the contest.

  4. I’m sure that I speak for most, if not ALL, your subscribers in expressing my (our) appreciation for your efforts to negotiate ‘free’ software for a limited number of your subscribers. However…
    I gingerly entered the current Prize Offering from SHAMPOO, and I was a little dismayed and disappointed in soon learning that I was signing on deeper and seemingly deeper into the world of Sweepstakes Prizes, and a sting of similar offerings, and believe that I was being asked to submit my name, email, etc., to join other “Sweepstakes” offerings. I got too nervous with all that and so I just backed off and will no longer continue providing my name, email address, and other random personal data. Thank you for what was believed to be an exciting, little-strings-attached sweeps. Know you guys hearts are in the right place. ~ Dane Looman

  5. Sorry; that next-to-last line above omitted the word “no” for no-strings-attached.

    1. Dane, I’ll make two simple points mate:

      1) Very little is ever completely free.
      2) Simply unsubscribe.

      That said; this here giveaway is a DCT giveaway, no strings attached, I absolutely guarantee that no email addresses nor any other personal information is shared with Ashampoo or any third party. You simply enter and, if you happen to win, we forward on a license code which is used to activate the software. Ashampoo has no idea who you are, no record of your email address, etc.

      1. Mate… I’ll offer you two simple points:

        1.) Very few people in America are able to pay no taxes.
        2.) Did you interpret something I said, or the way I wrote it, to mean that I was unhappy with youse guys?

        That said, I’m wondering if anyone else had the same or similar experience that I did, of clicking on your link, and then each new web page had another entry requirement, where we ardent Dave fans have to wend our way through several portals to actually just (supposed to be) simple signing on for a chance to win a software program that Dave so beneficently arranged with Ashampoo for the opportunity of (his) readers. (Whew! that must be the longest sentence that I ever wrote. Had Steinbeck rolling over in his grave, huh? LoL

        semper idem, Dane

        1. Dane,
          Maybe I’m missing something, but this giveaway was entirely DCT based. That means we hosted the content and distributed the licenses. As such the only way to enter the contest was to enter your name and email address then click the Enter button – ONCE. There would not have been any subsequent forms, or buttons, or additional requests for your information. If there were we would have heard from many visitors.

          The only way I can think of that a user would be presented with multiple subscription forms would be if it was their first visit to DCT, where they would have received a simple request to subscribe to our newsletter, or they clicked on an ad, which may have taken them off the site.

          It looks like it’s been a few weeks since the contest, but could you explain what happened in a bit more detail.

        2. DAVE: I really didn’t intend for this to become such an issue with you and your team. I merely replied that I had had an unusual experience in trying to post an entry to the ‘sweep stakes’, or whatever you term it, for an Ashampoo software item.

          My experience was, that when I entered the initial sign-in/sign-on (?) page, I was then directed to sign-in on another page (with my email, and some other identifying item). This took me to another page, with a different format, but I was to sign-in/ or -up once more. That was enough to tell me that something unusual was going on. I’m 77 y/o and not techy enough to know how to sort it all out, so I then wrote that initial comment (don’t even remember what I said, or exactly how I said it) but didn’t intend to personally offend either you, or your staff. Jim, I guess, takes anything a little too defensively and even ‘pointed out’ that I had the option of Un-subscribing from your otherwise nice, and informative web site. I didn’t wish to do that, but I felt that I should at least comment on my experience in trying to apply for entry into your Sweepstake offer, and that maybe, just maybe someone else (of your subscribers) – might – be coming forth with a similar experience. Since then I have no other signs of any other nefarious activities in or about my home computer system and network. I recommend we drop the whole matter and get on with life. Again… no ill-reflections intended to you, your web site, nor staff (gentleman Jim, especially). LoL

          semper idem, Dane Looman

  6. Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is a very useful photo editing optimization management tool very much

  7. Since only 10 people of your many readers will win the current Ashampoo Photo Commander I thought I was doing a service by providing a link to Ashampoo’s earlier (free) version of the same program for the readers who didn’t win. Sorry about posting that as I see my post was censored (removed). I didn’t realize that was verboten.

    1. Rich, they weren’t removed per se, but flagged by our spam processes because of the links. I’ve restored the comments which were categorized incorrectly. Sorry about that! 🙂

  8. It would be great to have a new Photo editor. Thank you for the chance to win.Alice

  9. @Dane,

    Dane, in all honesty, because our (DCT) giveaways are always so simple to enter, I thought you must have been referring to this giveaway here: https://davescomputertips.com/huge-list-of-ashampoo-freebies/, which is an Ashampoo giveaway, not DCT’s.

    When I said “unsubscribe”, I meant from the spam emails that the software vendor might send, certainly not from DCT.

    This has obviously been a complete misunderstanding. I was in no way miffed by your comment or being defensive but was simply trying to explain how you could avoid getting spammed.

    1. Good’nuff, Mate. I’ve dropped the entire matter and getting on with day to day life. Thanks for your ‘damage control’ efforts.
      semper idem, Dane

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