DCT Giveaway: Ashampoo Burning Studio 10


Ashampoo has most generously donated 10 licenses for the latest version of their Burning Studio 10 software, to be given away to our readers – this software would normally sell for $49.99usd… thank you Ashampoo!

All you need do for a chance to win is post a reply to this article with a comment. Replies can be anything, but we would prefer if you commented on the Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 software: competition ends 00:01(EST) 16th October.

*If your comment doesn’t appear immediately it is because first comments must be moderated. It will appear shortly!

I am particularly thrilled about this one because it is my absolute favorite burning software and with very good reason. Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 provides all desired functions and much more. But it is not just the excellent feature set which places Burning Studio 10 way out in front; it is by far the easiest burning software to use, is very fast and accurate, and extremely reliable – no more wasting discs!

Ashampoo Burning Studio users are unusually loyal, with good reason – this program’s speed, simplicity and efficiency are simply unbeatable.

That is the opening line from the Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 home page and I couldn’t have put it better myself. This professional burning software is simply brilliant!! I’m not going to describe all the functions and features here, suffice to say this software will do everything you want and then some! You can view features in detail HERE.

Here is a brief insight:

The main focus of this premium version is even better authoring capabilities for building video and audio discs using the latest formats. HD and Full HD video (720p and 1080p) are now fully supported for Blu-ray discs, and all the encoding is handled by Ashampoo Burning Studio 10. All the authoring tools have been overhauled and the video encoding quality is even better than before. You now use the same new integrated editor for building DVD and Blu-ray video disks with menus.

In addition to this there is a new Autoplay Editor module with which you can build auto-starting data discs with attractive interactive menus – for example for collections of programs. And there is now also a new Audio Player with which you can play audio files and audio CDs without leaving the program.


* Post one reply to this article. Replies can be anything, but we would prefer if you commented on the Burning software or told us a little about yourself.
* Comments must be posted before 00:01(EST) on 16th October. Any replies after the cut off will be deleted and will not count.
* Post only one comment! Users who abuse this rule may have all replies deleted and be banned from the contest.
* On Oct 17th, 10 replies will be chosen by random number generator as winners of one FREE license for Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 each.
* Winners will be notified by email at the email address they used to comment – be sure to use a valid email that you check regularly.

Everyone needs burning software, many settle for second best – here is your chance to get your hands on the very best…for FREE!

A big thank you again to Ashampoo!!

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  1. Unfortunately I have not been able to try the Ashampoo Burning Studio due to having no funds to do so. However I would very much like to. Considering that I love movies and watch them as often as I can being that I have no tv connections here where I live. If this commentary makes it to the front line of the contest then I would be very appreciative to have finally the opportunity to have something as good as I hear Ashampoo to be accessible to me. Thank you so much for this opportunity…I remain, Respectfully,,,,Katy Duerr

  2. I have very little experience with media at any level. It would be great to get involved with something that has so many good reviews.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. I would love to have a license of this software as herd many good things about it. Please include my name. Thanks

  4. G’day Jim and DTC,

    Ashampoo rocks – they are innovative, they develop robust and intuitive software that is easy to use and it just works. Most alternative burning software is just pure bloatware (Ahhemmmm – Nero anyone?). The great thing about Ashampoo burning studio is that it is has a small footprint, but its also big on features that actually work and its easy to use. Its more then just burning software – its a full suite that provides you with the ability to author and edit your DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs too. Competing burning suite’s can make it complicated if you need to burn alternative codec’s, which requires you to download additional plug-ins – and many times even this won’t work for you anyway. Ashmapoo Burning studio provides these alternative codec’s out of the box – for example, you can easily burn CD’s from flac files without having to download additional plug-ins. What’s more – Ashampoo are generous enough to provide multiple giveaways throughout the year and they are also a major sponser for the Miss Germany event (Beautiful German babes – MMmmm…Mmmm) – check out the youtube video on the Ashampoo youtube site if you’re interested. They would have to be one of my favourite software developers.

    These giveaways should really be more about “give and take”, therefore I’ll provide some feedback to DCT and Ashampoo below.

    Jim – I really enjoy reading your articles on freebies – thank you. Not sure what other feedback to give you. Have you thought about shaving your Mo ?

    Ashampoo – I hope Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 (or a release in the near future) will also provide you with the abilty to author and burn AVCHD. I think its the only major one feature that’s missing. I’d also recommend they consider merging the features that come with Ashampoo Music studio into Ashampoo Burning studio (although they would need to be careful not to turn their burning suite into bloatware). This would then make it the most powerful burning suite in the market by far.

    A license for Ashampoo burning studio 10 will give me an opportunity to give it a good test run and assuming I’m happy with the additional features/enchancements provided in version 11, I’ll happily buy an upgrade – therefore this becomes a win/win.

    ps. Jim – your Mo looks fine. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Have a good weekend and Cheers,


  5. Hey Nikolas – The mo has been with me for almost half a century so I guess you could say I am rather ‘attached’ to it – or it to me. LOL

    I did shave it off once, many moons ago, and nobody even noticed! 🙁

    You have a great weekend too mate.


  6. Always wanted to try it, never got around to it. Impressed with other comments on this forum, so may have to try
    it. I’ve wasted so many disks with inferior burning software!!

  7. Thank you DCT and Ashampoo for the nice giveaway.I could definitely use this for burning high quality Video and Audio discs, also the support for HD, Full HD videos and Blu-ray makes it really worthy.

  8. And the winners are… (attempting to do a drum roll on my lap)

    Jason Aaron Steel
    Hugh Williams
    Willie Chua
    John Matt

    Congratulations to the winners and a BIG thank you to Ashampoo for allowing us to give away some GREAT software to our visitors!

    Winners will receive instructions and license keys by email shortly!