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  • Rise of The Tomb Raider Confirmed For PC Early 2016

    Following the bizarre and quite frankly, cruel announcement that Rise of The Tomb Raider would be an Xbox exclusive, gamers around the world rose up, pounced on their mice and shouted in a very loud collective voice that all was not well in the corporate world of business gaming. This decision left both PC and Playstation […]

  • The Return of DOOM!

      The game that started it all In 1993 Doom pretty much took the gaming world by storm, setting the standard for first person shooters and it’s still played today, although I must confess to never having played it yet. id Software followed up with Doom II Hell on Earth in 1994, but we had […]

  • The Best Online Scrabble

    I’m a word nerd. I’ve been playing word games forever. My dad and I used to pound out 5 or 6 New York Times crossword puzzles in a Saturday evening after dinner. While I still enjoy putting pen to paper, it isn’t quite the same since my dad passed away. Now I like playing Scrabble, […]

  • E3 2015 – New Games Preview

    Running from 16 to 18th June, E3 is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and is the premier showcase for computer and video games. Here are a few games announced already. DOOM Needing very little introduction, Doom was first unleashed by id Software in 1993 and was the pioneer of the FPS genre. […]

  • Game Review – Dying Light

      GOOD NIGHT GOOD LUCK! Developer: Techland Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Walkers, biters, lurkers, roamers? Whatever your fancy, Dying Light, which was released in January, is crawling with them, which shows quite emphatically that the entire zombie genre is alive and well and if anything, enjoying a very healthy renaissance. My interest in zombies was […]

  • Oldies React to Mortal Combat Fatalities

    I love these “reaction” type video clips, from young ‘uns reacting to older technology to older folk reacting to newer technology. In this video, we see how the oldies (referred to more reverently as the “elderly”) react to the popular Mortal Combat X game. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of raised eyebrows, incredulity, and the […]

  • Game Review – Grand Theft Auto V for PC

     Grand Theft Auto V Developer: Rockstar North Publisher: Rockstar Games Review platform: PC Single Player Review rig: AMD FX8320, MSI GTX 970 4Gb, 16Gb RAM Release date: 14 April 2015 The wait is over! Rockstar Games released GTA V for PS3 and Xbox 360 in September 2013, an enhanced version for PS4 and Xbox One […]

  • GTA V Banned by Target Australia

    Grand Theft Auto V The Grand Theft Auto series of video games is no stranger to controversy and with the PC version of GTA V due to be launched this Tuesday 14th April, there are many who would rather it had never been made at all. GTA V was launched for PS3 and Xbox 360 […]