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    How To Tell Friends To Pronounce Your Name

    Have you ever had someone mispronounce your first or last name? Of course you have! Unless your name is John or Jane Doe, then you probably had this happen once in your life. After having my last name pronounced wrong many times my wife told me about a cool feature that Facebook offers. Yes, this […]

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    How To Save Facebook Posts And Links

    A woman called me wanting to know where her Saved Facebook items went. Before this, I didn’t know you could save anything. I’m not really into Facebook, or any social media for that matter. I have a Twitter account I’ve never used. That’s just me. Most times, I’m there doing something for someone else, or […]

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    How To Prioritize Your Facebook News Feed

    Recently I was messing around on my personal Facebook page (recently = 2 seconds ago). While I was looking around I started thinking about the posts that show up most often on my feed. Facebook loves to use their algorithms to show you what they think you want to see more of (or should see […]

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    How To Clear YouTube Watch History

    With the holidays and having some time off recently, I have been watching a lot more YouTube videos– plus, my son has his own channel and has started recording more. As a dad, I need to be supportive and make sure he is being good on his videos. While looking around my personal YouTube account, I […]

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    How To Delete YouTube Videos

    As you probably know, I have three sons and one of them has his own YouTube Channel. He uses it to live-stream and create videos of himself  playing games and doing voice-overs (strange, I know). Today, I was notified by my phone that he was streaming Live on his channel. At noon. So, I called […]

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    How To Fix Facebook Chat Not Working

    Facebook Chat vs Ad Blockers Facebook has a built-in chat client on its site. This morning, my sister was trying to send a message to another sister, but was met with a blank white message chat box. Most times, web page loading errors can be fixed by clearing out the cache files, or the temporary […]

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    How To Change Your Facebook Status

    Facebook Status A woman called me wanting to change her Relationship status on Facebook. I wasn’t sure how to do this myself, so I went to Facebook, signed in, and started clicking around. Here’s how to do it… Sign in to Facebook and at the top of the page, on the blue bar, click on […]

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    How To Download Facebook Videos

    Downloading Facebook Videos My uncle wanted me to download some videos from Facebook for him and the first thing I had to ask myself was, “Did I have any program on my system to download Facebook videos?” There are many video download programs and/or extensions, but trying to get one to do it all is […]