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    How To Get Twitter Into Your RSS Feeds

    What Is RSS? Really Simple Syndication (RSS) provides a way to watch particular web sites’ posts as they are published. It allows you to aggregate a list of information to your liking. Only the information you choose will be displayed. This is a great boon to those of us who rely on information in particular […]

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    How To Create A QR Code

    What Is a QR Code Have you ever thought about creating a QR code for your business? While most of you already know what this is, some of you may be asking,”What in the heck is Jason talking about?” For those who do not know exactly what these are, let me give you the Wikipedia […]

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    How To Manage YouTube Notifications

    YouTube I’m a big YouTube user and I know many of you out there are too. I use it mainly for music, movie trailers and watching random stupid/funny videos like most of us do. Also, my son has started streaming some gaming videos. He takes after his father :). Just recently, I have noticed that […]

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    How To Delete A Facebook Page

    Facebook Pages For those of you who may not know what Facebook Pages are (Business Page or Fan page), here is a little definition for your reading pleasure: Pages are for brands, businesses, organizations and public figures to create a presence on Facebook, whereas profiles represent individual people. Anyone with an account can create a […]

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    How To Block Someone On Facebook

    Unwanted “Friends” A woman called and told me she had added someone to her Facebook account thinking she knew who it was– it turns out she didn’t. She didn’t like some of the things he was saying and wanted to block him. She had already “unfriended” him. If you want to block someone on Facebook, […]

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    Facebook Now In Color

    A New Facebook Facelift As a Facebook enthusiast, I recently noticed something different in my timeline. Instead of the average white text box status update from friends, they were in a variety of colored text boxes. I looked into this to discover it is something new that Facebook is testing to make personal text “statuses” […]