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    How To Use Find & Replace In PowerPoint 2016

    Find And Replace When you are working with longer presentations, it can be tedious trying to find and locate a specific word or phrase. The good news is PowerPoint can quickly and easily search your presentation using the Find feature and can just as easily and quickly replace words and phrases using the Replace feature. […]

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    Use Slide Design Templates in PowerPoint 2013

    PowerPoint makes it easy for you to create streamlined presentations that always look as if they had been professionally done. One way in which they do that is by providing you with design templates, which are formatted themes with their own backgrounds, fonts, and styles. They even have color schemes that you can select from. […]

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    How to Embed a Video in Powerpoint 2010

    Including video in your PowerPoint presentation can make it pop, but before we begin there are a few points to keep in mind: PowerPoint 2010 will support QuickTime (.Mov, mp4) and Adobe Flash (.swf) files when you have installed the QuickTime and Flash players. There are some limitations when using Flash in PowerPoint 2010 though. […]

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    How to Paste Excel Charts into PowerPoint

    Of course there are times when you will have Excel Workbooks that contain Worksheets filled with charts and graphs showing and explaining your data. So it follows, that there will also be times when you will need to include those very same charts and graphs in your PowerPoint presentations. One would think it might be […]

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    How to Add Multiple Animation Effects in PowerPoint

    Follow the steps below to learn how to apply multiple animation effects to one Object: Select the text or object to which you would like to add multiple animations. On the Animations tab on your Ribbon, in the Advanced Animation group, click Add animation. You can view a list of all animations currently on your […]

  • How to Create A New Slide Master in PowerPoint 2010

    PowerPoint 2010 gives you the option of creating your own master slides, meaning you can add or change elements and formatting within your presentations. A slide master is a special slide that you put to work behind the scenes in PowerPoint that specifies how slides appear all the way through your presentation. Once you make […]