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    How to Assign Macros to your Excel 2013 Ribbon & QAT

    Everyone wants to save time and I am a big proponent of that! I love to save time and keystrokes because it allows me more time to do the things I enjoy, like riding my bike, or knitting, or playing with grandchildren! So, one thing that has always saved me time is macros. I use […]

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    How to Position Excel Graphics Evenly

    Any time that you have two or more graphics in an Excel worksheet, you want to be certain that they are distanced equally from each other because it is more pleasing to the reader’s eye. This can be easily accomplished with a few easy steps. Here’s how: Using your mouse, position your graphics where you […]

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    How to Draw Borders in your Excel Worksheet

    Usually one would add borders around a cell or range of cells in their worksheet by selecting the cell or range and using the Border tab of the Format Cells dialog box. BUT, there is a nice little shortcut that saves you time and keystrokes and who wouldn’t want to do that?? Follow the steps […]

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    The Transpose Feature in Excel 2013

    Transposing (i.e., swapping columns, rows, etc.) is an old trick in Excel and I am happy to report that it is still available to you in Excel 2013! As you will see in my screenshot below, I have a worksheet in Excel that is vertical in orientation, using a column style. So go ahead, and […]