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I just love my desktop wallpapers, it’s one of the very few indulgences I allow myself. I have around 60 of my favorites displaying in slideshow mode rotating to a fresh image every 3 minutes. I get a real buzz when someone sees my desktop for the first time and spontaneously utters… “Oooh, that’s nice!“. Yes I know, I’m easily pleased. Following on from Jason’s fine article published last February, I came across a wallpaper site recently which not only includes a great range of HD images but also in a wide array of resolutions to suit just about any device – from desktops through to smartphones.

The site is called WallpaperCraft, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s well worth a visit:


You can sort images by ratings, number of downloads, category, a specific resolution, or via keyword search. Here are just a couple of my favorites from the site (obviously at a much reduced size):

winter sunset glowamphibians-wallpaper

(Click images for larger size)

Trust me, in full glorious resolution these images look awesome. As I mentioned earlier, they are available in a wide array of resolutions to suit all types of devices, including widescreen, full screen, HDTV, UHD, dual monitor, and mobile devices/tablets.


4 thoughts on “Brilliant HD Wallpaper Site”

  1. I really liked the WallPaper Craft sight, but I can’t download any of the wall papers. 🙁

    1. khamblin, after you’ve selected your wallpaper and resolution, you should be able to just right click the image at the top of the page and select “Save image as”. Works for me.

  2. Nice WallpaperCraft.
    The only thing is that I found for about a month ago this gallery and what I like the most is that the license is specified and photographers are mentioned.
    I didn’t found other wallpaper site to mention the source and to promote photographers.

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