BlazeVideo Giveaway: Music DVD Creator – FREE for everyone

BlazeVideo is currently running a Christmas giveaway. First up is Music DVD Creator which will be available free until 15th December.

Music DVD Creator is an innovative utility to make your own music DVD. With this amazing Music DVD Creator, you can convert all types of video / audio files including CD and recorded music to DVD format, and burn to DVD easily.

Music DVD Creator makes you author your personal music easily and quickly. You can even customize each output music file by adding lyric and your preferred pictures as background.

It also can record audio through Microphone or Line In Device and burn recorded music to DVD. With a clear and neat interface, Music DVD Creator will guides you burn a music DVD without any complicated operations.

  • Burn Audio on DVD
  • Record Audio & Customize Output Files
  • Powerful Configuration Settings
  • For more details on Music DVD Creator visit the HOME PAGE

*To get your free license; go to this GIVEAWAY PAGE and click on the “Get License Code” button:

A popup will then appear which includes a download link and license code:

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10 thoughts on “BlazeVideo Giveaway: Music DVD Creator – FREE for everyone”

  1. Music DVD? Is this only playable on a DVD Player. I see no need for software like this that does not play in most cd players.
    Am I missing the point?

    1. Does anybody still play their music at home through a CD Player? Good grief!!

      My home theater setup includes a DVD/CD player. My hi-fi system includes a DVD/CD player. Even the audio system attached to my main computer includes a DVD/CD player. I haven’t owned a CD player only for…. goodness knows how long. Some of my favorite music collections are on DVD, in DTS audio… magic!!

      1. Well, I have a cd player in my car. Don’t play much music at home; can get almost everything on my cable tv music channels.

      2. Forgot to mention; all my music is on my computer, so I can just load up a playlist (or one already made up) and play it from there. Sounds great with good speakers.

        1. All my music is on the computer too mizdoc. I have the PC audio hooked up to a 5.1 sound system, passive sub-woofer and all…. sounds awesome!!

        2. Hi Jim,
          Thanks for all your brilliant tips etc. Could you expand a bit on the ‘how to’ for connecting a computer to a 5.1 sound system.
          I have a Boze system waiting.
          Thanks much.

  2. Thanks Jim for turning me on to this Music DVD program. I have installed it and plan on using it soon .
    I was searching for something like this and you nailed it! It will be perfect for the Christmas Eve party
    I am going to.I will be able to share a lot of good tunes and keep the music going!
    May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happ New Year!!

  3. @FRANK – It’s a bit tricky because a sound system generally requires on screen display for setup. I connected a small portable TV to the sound system, set it up to suit, then disconnected the TV and connected the PC.

    Connection methods will vary. Best results are from a suitable sound card. I adapted a cable to go from standard PC audio output to AV-input on the system. It produces 2-channel audio only but when belting from 4 speakers plus passive sub-woofer, the result is awesome!

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