Beware these (free?) Clipboard replacement utilities!

Our friends over at FreewareBB have uncovered a devious plot by developers unknown to promote Clipboard replacement software. The software is available under four different titles (that we are currently aware of) and being publicized and distributed via 4 different sites – but they are all one and the same. And it doesn’t end there: not only are they all identical, they are also all advertized as being free, when in actual fact they are essentially a trial version. Here’s what Marko, FreewareBB’s owner, had to say:

When we actually look at the programs more carefully, it’s really not difficult to see it’s the same thing, uses exactly the same installer and is, essentially, a trial version that offers to store 25 pieces of info in it’s clipboard, and if you require any more than that then you have to pay for the shareware version.

This is the almost identical screenshot which is displayed on each product’s home page:

The names of the programs in question are:

Note how all the names start with either a number or the first letter of the alphabet, an obvious attempt to grab top listing on download sites. Thanks to Marko for this good catch, just helps confirm why everyone should be using FreewareBB for their freeware downloads.

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