Basic File Explorer Search Shortcuts In Windows 10

As promised, below are more lovely shortcuts!

Windows + E – Opens File Explorer

  • CTRL + F or CTRL + E or CTRL + F3 – Will place your pointer in your search bar
  • CTRL + L or Alt + D – Places your pointer in your address bar
  • Up Arrow – Selects result above
  • Down Arrow – Selects result below
  • Left Arrow – Selects result to the right
  • Left Arrow – Selects result to the left
  • Enter – Opens selected file
  • Backspace or Alt + Left Arrow – Returns to previous page
  • Alt +  Right Arrow – Goes to next page
  • Alt + Up Arrow – Returns to the folder where your current file or folder resides
  • Esc – Clears your search or address bar

3 thoughts on “Basic File Explorer Search Shortcuts In Windows 10”

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