12 thoughts on “6 Facebook Tips Everyone Should Know”

  1. David Winslow on Facebook

    This isn’t me….(the page above) but I do subscribe to it… it’s very good

  2. I have a good problem, i enjoy facebook – email for facebook is long gone and password, i have no idea what it is anymore – you need the email to get a new pass etc. etc. catch 22… i get logged out i am finished there, is there another way to get back in?

  3. Avinash Machado

    There is a Firefox Addon for Facebook called FacePaste. You can use it to download photos and albums on Facebook.

    1. Ed Conroy on Facebook

      how does one get Face Paste….how can I get my photos from my tablet to fb…:(

  4. I must be anti something, since I never thought of this social media (facebook, twitter, any new comer) as anything but pure gossip. There is no privacy (read the fine print – it can change at any time – it’s your responsibility, and on and on ….). Anything uploaded can be captured (stolen) and you only have yourselves to blame. Since I post on forums, maybe I’m just cautious as to where and what I post. Have yourselves a pleasant day, Mindblower!

  5. Which is why I wrote an article on how to set up a private/secret Facebook group.
    And I hardly think uploading innocuous pictures of Tabby the cat as risky, unless you’re a celeb of course.

  6. Wow, so many Facebook Haters out there. Like anything, what you care to share is up to you entirely. This is why it is called “SOCIAL” media. When you think media you think tv, magazines, radio…I know many older people that use Facebook to connect with their grandkids and out of state relatives. We respect everyone’s opinions out there. Sometimes learning about the safety precautions you can take can make the difference.

  7. Love it or hate it, some people do not have a clue how to operate their own controls on Facebook, and many other social ‘clubs’.
    These people also say ‘Pin Number’ and ‘ATM Machine’, and think there is lead in a pencil.

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