3 Unique Websites Worth Checking Out

Website #1 – The Story of the Web

story of the web

Spanning from 1989 to 2014, the site presents a nice pictorial history of the web. It’s not exactly a blow by blow account but it does highlight all the main defining moments. Either scroll through manually at your own leisure or click the Auto-Play button then sit back and relax. http://www.storyoftheweb.org.uk/

Website #2 – Chesscadamy

chesscadamy main banner

The site offers a full range of free chess learning courses, from beginner level right through to advanced tactics, all involving excellent video presentations as well as pictorial explanations. It also includes 3 modes; Learn, Train, and a new Play mode, there is something here for everyone, from “L” platers through to experienced players. http://www.chesscademy.com/

Website #3 GlacierWorks

glacierworks - main banner

An interactive site which allows you to explore the Mount Everest region via a series of  brilliant photos and travelogue style videos. Take the trek from the village of Lukla right through to the Everest Base Camp. I could literally spend hours on this site, well worth a visit. http://glacierworks.org/


3 thoughts on “3 Unique Websites Worth Checking Out”

  1. I really enjoyed The Story of The Web which made me hark back to multiplayer gaming over a modem and the one who had the lowest ping was King of the castle.

  2. I really like the Story Of The Web. The World Wide Web has indeed made our world seem smaller. Daniel.

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