2 Free Giveaways From Digiarty!

DVD Ripper & HD Video Converter


Digiarty is celebrating their 13th Anniversary with two great giveaway promotions!

WinX DVD Ripper


Go to this WinX DVD RipperWinX DVD Ripper link to get your free copy now! Valid until June. 5th, 2019

WinX HD Video Converter


Go to this WinX HD Video Converter link to get your free copy now! Valid until June. 14th, 2019

Just enter your email address to get your free license. Enjoy!

About the Author

Richard Pedersen

Richard received his first computer, a C-64, in 1982 as a gift and began dabbling in BASIC. He was hooked! His love for computing has led him from the old “XT” boxes to the more modern fare and from clunky 10MB hard drives to smooth and fast modern day SSD drives. He has run BBS services, Fido mail, and even operated his own computer repair business.


  1. Thanks Richard!!! Downloaded and installed the two freebees own my wife’s PC. Been using WinX on my PC for sometime now.

  2. Hi Richard

    Many thanks for the software (and to Digiarty) and in my grateful thanks I apologise for including a nagging query !

    When installing both programs it seemed to be suggesting that these are the full licence programs evidenced by the fact that after putting in my email address for one of them it told me I had “won” the normally $50 odd dollar program ! However an asterisk nearby and the text with it suggested that it was only good for this version and I have always been unsure whether that means for as long as that major version is current or whether even a small upgrade will blow my licence away if I try to install the minor upgrade over the top.

    Previously with Digiarty software you will always get a nag screen once there is an upgrade available but I have avoided downloading that for fear of losing the existing licence. To me a genuinely “full licence” like the one I “won” means that for the life of the version you should have access to all the free minor upgrades (5.5.6 to 5.5.7 to 5.5.8 etc) until the new version comes out (eg 6.0.0) and then you either stick with what you have in version 5 or you pay the upgrade fee and usually that means you then get new features and/or significant enhancements.

    In your dealings with Digiarty for the purposes of the promotion did they happen to clarify whether they would also allow us to take advantage of the minor version upgrades (usually just minor enhancements and bug updates) without invalidating our licences ?

    Thanks again

    • Hi Reg,

      You make good points and I understand your confusion as no two companies seem to deal with the minor updates in exactly the same way. Incidentally, I don’t think you should have seen anything about winning something. Perhaps you filled in the wrong area on their site? I have no idea…

      Basically, Digiarty approached me asking if I would be interested in posting an announcement about these promotions. I agreed, they gave me some links, and that was the end of the discussion.

      If you want to know more about licensing particulars, you will have to contact Digiarty and ask a representative what their terms are.

      Sorry, I don’t have a clearer answer to your question,

  3. Thanks for your and Digiarty’s generous offer. Downloaded and installed the ripper software, but no luck in obtaining a free license. Any idea how this free license is to be obtained, all I’m offered is the privilege to pay $29.99 for same!

    • Hi AJ,

      There’s a big green button labeled Get Free License right at the Digiarty link posted in the article.
      Enter your email address and click the button,

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