16 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Word 2010

Keyboard shortcuts can be boon for typists and here are 16 shortcuts for Word 2010 users that you may not be aware of:

CTRL + ALT + H Applies highlighting to selected text
CTRL + Alt + C Inserts copyright symbol
CTRL + Alt + R Inserts Registered symbol
CTRL + alt + T Inserts Trademark symbol
CTRL + ALT + F Inserts footnote
CTRL + SHIFT + A Applies all caps
CTRL + Shift + K Applies the SMALL CAPS font attribute
CTRL + Shift + D Applies double underlining
CTRL + Spacebar Removes character formatting
CTRL + ALT + P Switches to Print Layout View
CTRL + ALT + N Switches to Draft View
CTRL + ALT + O Switches to Outline View
F7 Launches Spell-Checker
Shift + F7 Launches the Thesaurus
ALT + Shift + F7 Launches the Dictionary/Translator
Shift + F5 Moves your cursor to the previous edit position
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