You must have the right protection or suffer unwanted results

protect deviceNow that I have your attention, I am not referring to AntiVirus or something you would pick up at the Drug Store.

The topic is protecting your investments. So you buy this neat little gadget and then it gets all scratched up, scuffed, the screen is cracked like a spiderweb. Hmmm, wasn’t it up to you to protect it?

This sounds like something one of my adult kids would do. They like to shove their smartphones in their pockets, or just carry them in their hands. Their laptops in a bag? Oh no that is too much like hard work. Just carry it under your arm. My daughter’s Samsung Galaxy S5 looks like a spider web on the screen. I’m not sure how she can see her apps and photos on the phone. Not to mention we bought her a nice Otterbox case she wanted for her phone. She used it for about a week and said it was too bulky and did not fit well in the pocket of her skinny jeans.

Both of my sons are in the US Army. One of them had his Smartphone shot at while serving in Afghanistan rendering it useless. He’s fine, the phone is DOA. Maybe the government should consider using smartphones as a type of Kevlar vest? My other son while out on bivouac with the US Army Infantry dropped his in water (mind you this same phone already had a cracked screen). Did I mention my kids are hard on their phones? Well, include any electronics they have.

It never ceases to amaze me how people will spend money on a laptop, tablet or smartphone and do nothing to protect it.

I have had customers bring laptops to me for repair that are held together by duct tape or electricians tape… many are cracked and they are only 1yr old.  Some of the laptops have to be propped open leaning against something because the hinges are broken, all due to lack of care/protection.

Do yourself as well as your device a favor. Make sure you get the right protection to protect your investment.

For my 17″ laptop I have a Targus City Gear Messenger bag. It is padded, has lots of compartments for my flash drives, power cord and everything I need to carry. They are in the $50.00 price range. Keep in mind larger laptops have to be in a larger bag. No amount of lubricant will squeeze a 17″ laptop into a bag meant for a 15″ laptop or smaller.

targus messenger bag

My smart phone is in an Otterbox Defender case. It has multiple layers of protection. It protects the entire phone and they come in a variety of colors. If I take the case off my phone, it looks brand new but is in reality over 2 years of age. There are multiple levels of protection from Otterbox with the various models they have in different price points. The Defender case offers protection from dust, scratches, screen protection as well as drop protection. Depending who the retailer is I purchased mine for about $20.00.otterbox-galaxy-s4-defender-series-case-and-holster-blue-green-main-view_4

My 15″ laptops are in Jansport messenger bags. They are affordable and stylish. They also come with a Lifetime warranty! They are not as padded as my Targus messenger bag so I add a soft towel to my laptops in there. It also has nowhere near the amount of compartments as the Targus Messenger Bag but I like it because it is cool looking, does provide some protection, is affordable, has a great warranty and I can use it for other things. You see I was raised in a household as a child to take care of my things, then, when you need them, they will serve you well. You protect your devices and they last longer. I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 that is 8 years old and looks as new as it was the day I purchased it. It has been upgraded and taken care of. When not in use it sits in it’s Targus City Gear Messenger bag.


My Dell Venue 11 pro tablet is in a Targus Rugged Max Pro case. It does protect the tablet but I do admit it is a bit cumbersome and not the easiest to get on/off.


So what kind of protection do you use if any?

  • Disclaimer: The author received no compensation for mentioning the above products.

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