Xara Photo and Graphic Designer – FREE for a limited time

Magix is currently offering its Xara Photo and Graphic Designer software free to everyone.

PLEASE NOTE: This is version 5 of the software, which is an older version that previously sold for $89.99usd but is now free until 24th November.

Now, we wouldn’t usually include older versions of software in our Freebies section but this one is an exception to the rule, because it really is very good software which remains relevant today.

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer provides an easy way to design web pages, business cards, invoices, letterheads, and many other graphic formats. It also works very well with existing photos/images.

  • Image Editing
  • Creative Effects
  • illustrate, draw & paint
  • Text, layout & desktop publishing

There is a lot more detailed information available on the promo page.

To get your free copy of Xara Photo and Graphic designer go to THIS PAGE and click on the “Download now for free!” link. Please note; the download is a large one, weighing in at 365MB. Also, you need to register the program online within 7 days of installation, after which you can continue using it for free.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This software comes bundled with the Ask Toolbar but opt-out is available, please monitor the installation carefully. If you do not want the bundled extras, make sure to uncheck all Ask options during the installation process.

4 thoughts on “Xara Photo and Graphic Designer – FREE for a limited time”

  1. Sue – Second to last paragraph says: “To get your free copy of Xara Photo and Graphic designer go to THIS PAGE…”

    You will see that ‘THIS PAGE’ is capitalized and also a different color (blue). That is the link, click on that.


  2. Jim twice I downloaded the Xara Photo and Graphic designer and both times it wouldn’t install because of a download error, can you please advise? Pat

  3. Hey Pat – No, sorry mate…no idea. It is a very large download, are you sure the file is being fully downloaded? Full download should be 365MB, so the execute/setup file should be that size on your hard drive. If it is smaller than that, then you have only a partial download.

    If you are on a slow connection and not using a download manager which includes a resume feature, that may be the cause.

    That’s about all I can come up with.


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