Verizon to Offer Multi-Device Data Plans

It looks like a multiple-device data plan is coming to Verizon later this year.

At Verizon’s quarterly earnings call on April 19th, Fran Shammo, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Verizon Communications, stated:

…we will be launching our data share plan in midsummer this year. We believe that plan, the way we have it designed, will enable our customers to easily connect other devices to that plan.

This has been rumored for quite awhile so it’s good to see it’s finally coming. It would allow subscribers to pay a single monthly fee to get data access for all of their devices.

Verizon did not announce pricing or a launch date for its new shared data plan. It also wasn’t clear whether this will be a multiple-device plan for a single subscriber or a family data plan that will allow family members to share a data plan.

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