Uninstalr: New Free Powerful Uninstaller

Uninstalr is a relatively new free and powerful uninstaller with a portable version available.

We are already spoilt for choice with uninstallers but I thought I’d take a look at this new offering anyway and was suitably impressed.

Uninstalr Download & Usage

Uninstalr is available in both installable and portable versions. The portable version consists of a single executable weighing in at a mere 4.00MB and it’s the portable version I’ll be looking at.

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Main Features

  • Batch uninstall many apps at the same time
  • Supports unattended uninstallation of apps
  • Supports monitoring of new software installations
  • Also detects portable apps and previously uninstalled software leftovers
  • Shows all the data added to your system by installed software on a file-by-file basis
  • Shows all the data it will remove before starting the uninstallation
  • Filter and search the list of installed software
  • Supports detection and uninstallation of Microsoft Store, Steam, Big Fish Game System, Chocolatey, NuGet, and Ninite installed software

Uninstalr is a no-nonsense but feature-rich uninstaller that does just one job but does that one job extremely well. Where Uninstalr excels is in identifying and deleting leftover remnants. It achieves this in part by deleting all remnants following a system restart.

This behavior makes perfect sense to me as some files might be locked and can only be deleted following a restart. Think stubborn-file removers such as Unlocker and ThisIsMyFile, these types of tools almost always delete those stubborn files following a system restart. As far as I am aware, Uninstalr is the only free uninstaller that includes a system restart to properly complete the process.

An image on the Uninstalr website displays the results of in-house testing with comparisons between popular uninstallers of how effectively they each deal with leftover remnants:

Those numbers might seem a bit extreme but there is a video included on the Uninstalr Home Page which explains the testing procedure. I also tested Uninstalr in a Windows 10 VM and it did indeed delete more remnants than any of the main free alternatives (Revo Free, Geek Free, and HiBit).

I must point out that my testing was far from exhaustive, involving only a single uninstall. Quite frankly, the job of manually searching for leftover remnants in both the registry and file system after each of the four uninstallers has completed the process is a laborious time-consuming job. Still, even the result of that single test was positive.


Uninstalr ticks a lot of boxes. It’s free with a portable version available. Supports batch uninstall and installation monitoring. It’s lightweight and, according to my limited testing, extremely effective. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, feature-rich, lightweight, and effective uninstaller, you should definitely check out Uninstalr.

12 thoughts on “Uninstalr: New Free Powerful Uninstaller”

  1. I have been using this for a while now , it is quite good , removes stuff other uninstallers don’t or miss.
    On point to make though …. beware if you use it , the default settings will have it automatically reboot your system after completion , if you are in the middle of work or a long download you will lose it all.

    1. Thanks Jim. Will give it a go and see. I was a fan of Revo Uninstaller for many years until they suddenly decided to go with the subscription option and then I just used the free version without noticing a lot of difference.
      Ed – yes it caught me even though I had read your warning I had forgotten about it when I used it after installation but luckily had nothing important open at the time. Wouldn’t you think it would be blindingly obvious to anyone writing software to simply have a pop-up warning option ask if you want to reboot now or later ?

      1. A soon as an uninstall is initiated, there are two clear options displayed toward the bottom of the window:

        1) Automatically close all running programs to perform the uninstallation
        2) Automatically reboot the computer to finalize the uninstallation

        Both options are enabled by default but either can quite easily be disabled. However, I would advise leaving them enabled because Uninstalr completes its deletion of remnants following the reboot.

  2. I got 2 ACCESS VIOLATION messages on module ‘uninstalr.exe’ while trying to install it.
    Am I supposed to shut down my A/V to install this?

    1. Hey Dan,

      The Access Violation warning can be caused by any number of issues- corrupted system files, incompatible hardware and/or software, a malware infection.

      Suggest you:
      1) Scan for malware
      2) Run sfc /scannow

      Why don’t you download and try the PORTABLE version mate?

      1. Hi Jim,
        Happy to say both my sfc/ scannow and WINDOWS DEFENDER gave me a clean bill of health.
        I couldn’t find an email for UNINSTALLR’s support so if you don’t have one I have no problem skipping this freebie.
        I’ve got way too many uninstallers anyhow, any one of them doing a fine job.

        Also, their portable version gave the same ACCESS VIOLATION error (which sounds more like a security issue than a file corruption issue).
        I just don’t know what to change.
        Thanks for your reply,

  3. Hi Dave,, I have been using “REVO- UNINSTALLER” for years is the uninstaller you mentioned the same thing as far as completely uninstall something? Thanks, Tom
    PS: I already am subscribed with your for years.

    1. Hey Tom.

      Yes, Uninstalr does the same job as Revo Uninstaller but is better at cleaning up leftover remnants.

      Yes, I know you’ve been with us for a long time Tom, and thank you for that, appreciated.

  4. Going to give this a try.

    On another topic, how does one send an inquiry to Dave’s Computer Tips?

  5. I tried Uninstalr. aAfter scanning it did not show up two programs: Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements.
    Don’t know why.

  6. I mistakenly uninstalled firefox maintenance and it uninstalled firefox too. Profiles gone so be careful using this.

    1. Hi Dave. Honestly, all uninstallers will uninstall whatever you select. There are good at their job, but unfortunately it is up to the user to carefully make the correct selections. The only lesson that you and others should learn and remember, is do an online search asking questions like “is it safe to uninstall x” prior to doing the action, Mindblower!

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