Twitter Might be Twerkin’ With its Tweet Size

I’m a fan of Twitter. I like to tweet about a thing I’m passionate about and that generally includes a slew of TV shows – that’s my pop culture addiction; I also enjoy browsing tweets in my spare time. Some tweets are like personal license plates for me; I have to decipher the abbreviations just to get the message and then I feel so accomplished and smart afterwards.

Here’s what I love about Twitter: you only have 140 characters to spit it out, get it off your chest, razzle-dazzle your minions, and get the WORD out. It helps me to be a slick writer. Paring it down has never been my forte and yet Twitter makes you do just that. Now, there’s a rumor that Twitter is working on a new product that would enable users to offer up way longer tweets, because, hey, there aren’t enough social media outlets for that already.

Keep in mind, prior Twitter tweaking hasn’t been too life changing:

In the past, Twitter has tinkered with the limit in other ways. Twitter Cards are still beholden to the 140-character limit but are intended to help people (and advertisers) share lots of information, and Twitter added a “retweet with comment” option in April to give people more room to comment on tweets they share. The company also lifted the 140-character rule on private messages back in June.” – Kurt Wagner and Jason Del Ray /

But THIS! This Tweet enlargement is just uncalled for. I don’t want gobs of explanations and pitter patter droning on and on. It all makes me wonder if some secret advertising lobbyist isn’t behind this. Grrrr.

Well, Twitter isn’t commenting on this yet so maybe it’s all pie-in-the-sky. If you tweet, what say you? (In 140 characters or less, of course.)



3 thoughts on “Twitter Might be Twerkin’ With its Tweet Size”

  1. Best title of an article I’ve seen in a hell of a long time Karen!
    And God forbid that I should ever sign up with Twitter; you’d probably never get me off it.

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