– solve puzzles online – If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, you should definitely give this site a visit.  It’s an online collection of Flash-based puzzles, all ready to solve simply by dragging  pieces with your mouse. There are options to view full-screen plus save partially completed puzzles to return to later.

Includes hundreds of existing free jigsaw puzzles with new puzzles added daily. Categories include; Kids puzzles, Animals, Castles, Waterfalls, Under the Sea, Bridges and more.

A great free online puzzle site for enthusiasts and novices alike, with nothing to download or install and will run in any browser with Flash support.

11 thoughts on “ – solve puzzles online”

  1. I do enjoy this jigsaw puzzle site. I only found it a few months ago, but recently I was ill and not fit to do much, so I spent quite a few hours on this site. Thank you. And Bless you. I.B.

  2. Hey I.B. – You are most welcome, thank you for taking time to post your comment – much appreciated.

    Hope you are feeling much better,

    1. Thank you, I am in great health now but still hooked on jigsaws. Blessings.I.B.

  3. Just tried it myself Bernice, using both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The site doesn’t seem to be responding at the moment. Can’t tell you why that is but they are obviously having some sort of problem, hopefully it will only be temporary. Suggest you try again later.


  4. I have enjoyed playing the jigsaws on for a log time but today I started having a problem. When I choose a puzzle the 2nd page opens but the puzzel does not appear. Do you have any idea what may be causing this problem.

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