The Most Important Thing

I’m going to show you how to do the most Important Thing that you can do online. Waste time. Warning: some of these sites might actually be useful.

Starting with the Top option of watching grass grow.

Watching Grass Grow

Too much for you? Then relax by putting together a few puzzles.

Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

When you sign up for services online you usually need to supply an email address but maybe you don’t want to use your own. How about an address that lasts only 10 minutes?

10-Minute Mail

Ever play the lottery? Don’t know which numbers to play? Try this random number generator.

Random Number Generator

Don’t know what to eat? Can’t think for yourself? Blame the Internet and then go to this random recipe generator.

Random Recipe Generator

Turn your picture into a poster here.


This one I’ve used a few times. To help you find that missing manual that you’ll never read anyway.

Manuals Lib

For all Trump haters.

Push Trump Off A Cliff Again

Ever wonder how many people were in space at any given time? At the time of this writing, three. Not very popular with the tourist. 🙂

How many people are in space right now

Want to play some old fashion SNES games?

Retro Super Nintendo Games

And finally, do you want to learn how to speak Minion? Just type in what you want to translate and click on the Translate It! button. Too bad the site doesn’t actually voice it out. The eyes on either corner of the website will follow your mouse.

Minion Translator

Now, let’s get back to the important things and watch the grass grow.

10 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing”

    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi Pete,

      First off, the newsletter only contains links to articles. Second, Terry’s article is not about politics. It is a mish-mash of fun sites to visit. The mentioned politically motivated site regarding Trump was meant to be humorous and not inflammatory. The site was clearly labeled so if you don’t want to see sites like that, then don’t click on their links.

      Sorry if this offended your sensibilities,

      1. so i guess if you put in a couple hundred leftist, radical political sites, then you could still claim you dont host them and all is ok in mudville once again.
        take some well-meant advice and stay away from politics and stick with helpful computer tips…as the name of your newsletter hints at.

        1. clas, a sad reality that in 2019, we continue to live in a time where freedom of speech is still censored. I feel sorry for you, since you take things very seriously as if they were aimed directly at you and / or your beliefs (which in reality they are not). Here on DCT where “helpful computer tips” are found, life without humour is just existence, Mindblower!

        2. brightspark67

          Doesn’t the ‘Push Trump of a Cliff’ site merely host a game that people can play on their COMPUTERS!? To me, that’s all about computers, games, and a bit of fun. You guys really need to lighten up.

        3. Are you serious Clas!? There is a world of difference between posting links to “a couple hundred leftist, radical political sites” and posting a single link to a computer game.

          It’s just a little game people can play on their COMPUTERS, and just a bit of fun. You guys really need to lighten up.

  1. Shobha Mathur

    I think this is a wonderful post designed to take the heavy from the daily work.
    Carry on Terry. You have my vote.
    Those with fragile skins should stay away.

  2. Terry Hollett

    No political intentions intended by this post. Every now and then I come across lists of weird sites so I go to check a few out myself and write about them. The trump one I never even gave a second thought. Now, everybody calm down and go watch the grass grow. 🙂

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