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    How To Change PlayStation 4 Avatar

    I am a big gamer. I know this because I own almost every console system made since the early 80’s. Yes, I still play these older systems. Combined with being a tech writer, gaming drives me to write How-To articles to help the gamer, especially if it can help in customizing your gaming experience. With […]

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    How To Set Date And Time On PS4

    Have you ever wondered how to change the date and time on your PS4? Or even change the format of the time? If you have, then you are reading the right article. The reason this article popped into my head was because I have been watching too many military movies. Yes, military movies, and I […]

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    How To Check PlayStation Plus Expiration

    Have you ever forgotten when your PS4 Plus membership was due? I have and if you know me, you know that I love to game, especially on my PS4. If you are reading this, then you probably already know what the PS4 Plus membership offers. But for those who don’t know, here is some information. […]

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    How To Turn On PS4 Voice Commands

    For the past week I have been playing a lot on my PS4, one of the reasons is my sweet wife bought me the game Evil Within 2 for Christmas. I played number 1 and loved it so had to play this one. This is not the reason I’m writing this article though. The reason […]

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    How to Change Your PS4 Theme

    Themes I’m always looking for ways to make things my own or at least show my style. As with my other articles: How to Change Themes In Thunderbird, How to Change Twitter Theme Colors,  How to Change/Customize Your Gmail Theme and Get More Out of Your Google Chrome Browser (which you should all check out after you read […]

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    3 Ways To Turn Off Your PS4

    How to Turn Off your PS4 Just the other day my wife asked me if there was more than one way to turn off the PS4. This also came up because of our youngest son turning on the PS4 when the TV is off. Then, when we finally notice, it is in Sleep-Mode. She wanted […]