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  • Kids React To – Old Cameras (video)

    I love these ‘kids react to old technology’ videos. The thing with kids is that their innocence can often lead to brutal honesty. Here, we see some youngsters struggling to come to grips with old film-type cameras. “Okay, so now, how do I see the photo?”… classic.    

  • A Look Back – 14 Retro Tech Commercials (videos)

    Nostalgia Warning!! We’ll start off with a young(ish) Steve Ballmer screaming the virtues of Windows 1.0 in his own inimitable style, proving once and for all that he was always a nutcase…. but wait, there’s more!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGvHNNOLnCk   There was no shortage of big names pushing tech back in the day. Here’s Bill Cosby […]