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  • O&O Giveaway: O&O DiskImage 6 Family Edition

    O&O DiskImage 6 Family Edition includes three O&O DiskImage 6 Professional licenses, for installation on up to 3 PCs. **NOTE: This is NOT the latest version of this software, O&O DiskImage Pro is currently at version 7. However, considering this is the next to current version and includes licensing for up to 3 machines, I […]

  • Macrium Reflect free imaging software

    Before we get started I want to make it clear that, as a feature limited offering, Macrium Reflect Free cannot be compared favorably with commercial counterparts. When it comes to a full, unlimited backup and imaging solution Daves Computer Tips recommends Acronis True Image above all. That said, not everyone can afford to purchase the […]

  • How to use Acronis True Image 2009

    My advice to any new computer owner/user is, invariably, to establish some sort of backup strategy right from the outset. It’s a fact of life that many underestimate the importance of regular backups, they get lulled into a false sense of security as the computer continues to boot up and operate as expected… Then, suddenly, […]