Super Deal: HideAway VPN Half Price!

HideAway VPN is provided by Firetrust, the same New Zealand-based software company that produces the excellent MailWasher email manager/spam filter. You’ve possibly never heard of HideAway VPN but I have been using it for several years and I can assure you it is a fantastic VPN. Very fast, and very easy to use. Right now, Firetrust is running a promotion whereby new users can purchase a HideAway VPN subscription for half price.

(Disclaimer: Neither DCT nor Jim Hillier is associated with Firetrust in any way and we receive zero benefits — this article is merely to let our readers know about this terrific deal.)

Hurry, offer ends 28th August!

Choose from one year to three years for just $22.02US per year — that’s less than $2.00US per month!

Each license is for unlimited devices and includes updates and support

About HideAway VPN

  • Access your favorite websites and streaming videos in different countries
  • You’re always connected, no need to connect or disconnect (like other VPNs)
  • Be anonymous online and protect your privacy on unlimited devices
  • Encrypts your communications and website traffic for your security and privacy
  • 2- 7x faster than other VPNs, with international high-speed servers & no data limits

*Lots more information available on the HideAway VPN Home Page

Select your preferred option from the dropdown menu under “Redirect” — for example, select Watch UK TV and you’ll be connected via a specialist server for that specific purpose:

Or use the next dropdown menu to select connecting through a server in a specific country. I’ve used three VPNs over the years and have tested many more, HideAway VPN is fast, very fast, and it connects instantly. I don’t know how Firetrust has managed it but with other VPNs you click the Connect button and maybe 15- 30 seconds later your connection is confirmed. Not so with HideAway. Click the Connect button and, in the blinking of an eye, you are good to go. As with all VPNs I’ve used or tested I’ve checked HideAway through ipleak.net and it passed with flying colors, absolutely no leaks.

If you’ve been considering subscribing to a VPN service or are not happy with your current VPN, I strongly suggest you give HideAway VPN a go. Based on my own personal experience, I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed and, at the price, it’s an absolute bargain.

*To get the half-price deal, visit: Firetrust-HideAway-Half Price Deal

NOTE: Currencies can be changed via a dropdown menu at the top of the page. Use the dropdown menu under License to choose one year, two years, three years, or lifetime subscriptions.

MailWasher Pro Half Price Deal

The same deal applies to the brilliant MailWasher Pro, including the identical pricing structure. Anyone who reads my articles would be well aware that I am a huge MailWasher fan, I wouldn’t be without it. Here’s your chance to get this terrific software at a bargain price, less than $2.00US per month.

*Read more about Mailwasher Pro: 

*To get the half-price deal, visit: Firetrust-MailWasher Pro-Half Price Deal

Offer ends 28th August!

6 thoughts on “Super Deal: HideAway VPN Half Price!”

  1. Hi Jim,
    I’ve never used a VPN before. Do I need to install it on individual devices or can it be configured somehow into my mobile router?

    1. Hey Geoff,

      You need to install the client application on each device. It is possible to configure a VPN at router level but it is not an easy assignment and requires a specialized router.

  2. Hi Jim. I have a question about this, “You’re always connected, no need to connect or disconnect (like other VPNs)”. This means the service provider sees nothing at their end. Might this not look very suspicious, like one is hiding or doing something illegal, or just being extremely secure from prying eyes. Mindblower!

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