Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

Be positive, Be polite, Be inspiring

When it comes to Social Media some people post things that really make you scratch your head and say Hmmmm… what were they thinking when they posted this?  I have discovered many people do not think at all. Thru Social Media you can virtually be anyone you want to be to a captive audience. It’s about time some parameters were set for engaging with one another virtually.

Each social media site and platform has its own constantly changing and evolving terms and policies which apply to everyone who uses the medium When it comes to posting and interacting with people though, it is really no different than real-life situations.  You need to use polite behavior and common sense. By all means have fun and interact with folks but keep it respectful and engaging.

Here are some of the rules that I share with my students when I teach Social Media in my classroom.

  1. When in doubt and you do not want something to follow you, just don’t say it thru Social Media. Call the person or meet them for lunch and talk direct.
  2. There is no room for cursing or vulgarity. It makes one sound ignorant and uneducated.
  3. Do your best when it comes to spelling and grammar.  Remember people have to read what you write. If you notice a mistake, you can easily edit your post and correct it.
  4. Sharing is nice, we are taught that in school. However, be aware and do not overshare. Remember, everything in moderation.
  5. Constant complaining or bragging… is it necessary?
  6. No need to air your dirty laundry or someone else’s online. Laundry belongs at home; in a washing machine or dryer or hanging on a clothesline.
  7. No matter what you post, someone is often going to hate it and have a snide remark. Ignore the haters. Don’t engage with them.
  8. Remember what gramma said “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” Unwarranted negativity is best left alone.

It’s funny, I have one friend who is a real jerk on his Facebook page. He rants and argues and really makes himself look like an absolute loon. Please folks “Thou shalt not tell everything you do thru Social Media”. Bodily functions are best left in the bathroom. Your sexual exploits need not be shared. Most people would find it either boring or offensive. Ever hear the expression TMI?  (too much information). Well social media can be a prime example..

Do not show photos that you may regret later. Really folks, I have seen enough kissyface photos of my friends engaging in open mouth kisses with their significant other, bare chested bathroom pics of guys, close up selfies, to last a lifetime… enough already!


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  1. Very good Sherri. Some of my FBF say I have a boring FBP, but I don’t spend my entire day wrapped up posting on Facebook. LOL. Daniel.

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