Signs You Might Only See in Australia!

These Aussie signs have absolutely nothing to do with computers, technology and the like but hey, a little light relief never hurt anybody, right?

Sexist bar rules?
The famous Aussie burger
No brainer!
Where’s my cat!
Sign? What sign?
2 for the price of 2?
No comment!
Handle with care!
McDonalds – Yass
Aussie Gazpacho
Welcome to the beach!
Angry birds?
Population breakdown
Message to neighbor


11 thoughts on “Signs You Might Only See in Australia!”

  1. That Asian restaurant one. LOL!

    Off-topic: Man, how can I get e-mails based on replies to me?
    I have to dig-up old articles to see if anyone replied to me, not a comfortable sight.

    1. Same problem here on occasions. Sometimes they have a check box that needs a tick in it to get notification of replies. Or it can also sometimes be on your account page under configuration or such.
      Good luck…Mike

      1. Yes, sorry guys, not having this feature available is a pain in the you know what.

        Here’s an explanation Dave posted some time back in response to a similar request:

        There are several methods that allow WordPress to email notification about comments. Unfortunately, none of them are ideal.

        The most popular is a service named Discus. However, with services like Discus the actual comments are hosted on their service. That presents several issues that I’m not particularly comfortable with.
        1. We have no control over how email addresses are stored and/or used.
        2. If, or when, the service decides to close down we are stuck in a position to find a replacement (sometimes in a hurry) and again we have no control over where that data will end up. I’ve personally experienced this situation before we moved to a blog format and it wasn’t easy.
        3. We are sending a very large number of email when we send the newsletter and uses most of our available server resources – it can take between 10 and 12 hours to send the newsletter each week. I’m not sure if I want to risk hampering the newsletter distribution to send comment notifications to those who may comment while the newsletter is still in the sending process.

        That said, I have looked into a solution for comment notification several times. When I find a solution that I feel works well and won’t affect newsletter distribution I’ll implement it.

        I guess Dave hasn’t come across anything suitable as yet…

  2. Good one Jim – can’t beat our Aussie sense of humour. Wish I was there but visiting UK at present where their spring is colder than our winter.

  3. Hey Jim…you missed the most obvious one!

    “Kangaroo Crossing” (or wombat, emu, etc…)


    1. Hey Tracy – The featured image, the one that’s displayed with the excerpt on the front page, shows all that mate, and some. 🙂

  4. Richarard, Don’t trust the AUssies.
    Jump on a plane and just come.
    I Guarantee that you will love it (Just leave your sensitivities at home).
    Yes, the average Aussie will take the P*** out of you but there is nothing nasty in it.
    This is the way Australians show acceptance. but a word of advice: come for a month!!!!!
    This is as bloody big place, and give as much as you get!!!!
    Me? Just a wandering ‘Paddy’ who dropped in a few decades ago
    and forgot to go home!!!

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